Environmental Portrait Portfolio

Environmental Portraits show the world who you are and what you do, or use an interesting location that makes for an attention grabbing image.

For reportage business environmental portraits we will be working together as you go about your daily tasks.

I'll be walking in your shoes for the duration of the shoot, spotting things to show your clients.  I'll be working with you and bouncing ideas.  There will be portable lighting rigs to set up, but that won't be an inconvenience.  Expect to have fun in these shoots, you will surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it and get out of it.

For Location Environmental Portraits you most likely will have some ideas for a great background, if not we can soon work together to get some ideas in place for a dramatic backdrop to your image.

Allow a minimum of half a day for reportage style work, a pre-scouted location will speed up the location portraits to near studio turnaround time.

As with Business Portraits within seven days of completion of your shoot I will send you proofs to sign off.  There is a 48, 24 hour and even overnight Premium service that can be chosen if you need the pictures fast.

Your chosen images are then edited and full resolution files sent to you.

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