PR Shoot for Wheel2Wheel

Love is in the air!

Cracking job for a new agency to me...  "The Bird Consultancy"  Really cheery team there!
So, the shoot started at 6am....  and the brief was to capture images of the event.  thousands of roses and Valentine's day cards dropped at the "Boris Bike" (as they are called by users) stations all around London.  I was a little surprised with the lack of people on London's streets this early, I had thought that "Rush Hour" would be well under way at this time.  This I think is my favourite shot of the morning, although there was a great reaction shot from one fellow wondering why there was a rose and card on his bike....  I guess at this time in the morning everything is a little surreal.
So...  about this shot....  Well...  Dragged shutter to bring in the lights, Rear sync'd to stop camera shake.  Shot Raw and Auto white balance.  I knew I wanted to do some post work on it. The photoshopped bit is a good crop, matching the reds and brightening the shadow reds on the phone box.  The rest of the picture has a blue wash to cool it down and the lights on the buildings in the background are the same shade of blue as the bike signs....  this worked really well for me as it highlighted the reds.  The rose leaves were lightened too. I wish I had thought about bringing the rose forward in shot, it needs to be bigger.  Most of all having a cyclist in shot would have made this...  but alas...  this was another deserted street.
Big thanks to the promo team for making this so much fun.