Business Portraits what you need to know!

Business Portraits usually strike terror into both the subjects and the organiser of the shoot.  Here are some tips so you get the most out of your shoot and the images provided.

Let's split up the shoot considerations into sections.

  • Your company image.
  • What you'll need on the day.
  • What to expect on the day.
  • What to expect in results after your shoot.

Your company Image.

What are the colours your company uses on promotional media or on-line? Traditionally most businesses choose black, white, grey or a company colour as the background to their images.  Black and white are really easy to replicate if you have an ongoing need for new staff photography. Grey is a trickier option in that for consistency a very detailed shoot record has to be kept, all distances between subject, camera, background and lights will need to be noted as will the exposure settings for each of the flash units used. Gladly this is the photographer's problem.  A company colour can be replicated by the purchase of a specific Colour background for your needs, or even a building location can be used as a background.

Here are some Business Portrait examples.

Using a slight Vignetting brings the eye to the subject

Different colour backgrounds or framing can be used to fit to your company website.



How do you need to appear? There is a balance to be struck between how cheery or formal the expressions need to be.  This is dependent on the type of work you do or your company atmosphere.

What you'll need on the day.

Space, the final Frontier!

Setting up a studio needs some space, in an ideal world an area that's 30ft square with a high ceiling fits the bill perfectly.  If this is in a room that will be undisturbed then better still as often people are nervous with others watching them pose for the camera.  Having said that I've shot in some very small spaces and even in a room as a meeting was taking place,  I usually find everyone just cracks on with the job in hand, some just need a little more coaching than others.

We set up a computer to review all images as we go, that way we can make sure everyone is happy with their images and we get a good selection, various different poses to fill all of your requirements.

Dress the part.

I'd recommend work wear or uniforms are tidy and clean. Everyone is ready to have their shots done, hair and make-up done, that applies to the ladies as well!

What to expect on the day.

Firstly and often most importantly is punctuality,  "five minutes early is ten minutes late" if a time is set for your shoot then that's the time we will start.

Politeness with your staff and any customers or guests you have on your premises.

A very cheery atmosphere, everyone will be coached and posed to get their best results.

Instant reviewing of images so everyone is happy with the end result and not embarrassed to have their images used for publicity.

Flexibility, if something unexpected happens on the day the shoot will work around it to get the results you need.

What to expect in results after your shoot.

Different media sizes including black and white.

Getting a number of different options from your shoot is an easy way to really get a lot of value, from full colour, black and white and also images formatted for Linked in and other social media networks

Turnaround times.

Once you've had your shots done you will want to have them back with you quickly.  My standard service is a working week, however there are options for three day or even overnight services.

Professional qualities.

Of course you should expect a quality service.  Image file sizes that are usable.  A selection of images of your staff.  Images are released for use on all platforms, print and on-line.  The quality of images are Professional,  for instance, no parts of the subject burnt away from heavy handed lighting or reflections in glasses. All work is colour balanced.


If any queries you may have aren't covered in this Business Portrait Blog then do get in touch, you might just have a question I've never heard before!